Basics of Trading Course

Course Description

Basics of Trading course is for beginners eager to enter the trading world and looking for opportunities to earn money in active and dynamic financial markets.

It is designed to teach students the basic principles of financial markets and successful trading.

Our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction

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Basics of Trading Course

What You Will Learn

The True definition of Trading

What are Long and Short trades

How to trade when market is going up or down

How Short Selling works

Using Leverage to increase profit potential

How Margin Account works

How a Broker executes your trades and makes money

What is the Direct Market Access (DMA)

What are Market and Limit orders

How to control risk using Stop-Loss Orders

What are Set and Forget orders

What is Liquidity and why are some markets better for trading

What are Bid, Ask and Spread

Who are Retail and Institutional traders

How Institutional/Big Money trade

Trader Types and Trading Styles



Learning Objectives 02:11
What does “Trading” mean? 02:20

What are Long and Short Trades? 02:20
Examples of Long and Short Trades 02:06
How Short Selling Works 02:15
Risk of Short vs. Long Trades 01:31

Margin and Leverage 00:46
Using Leverage to Buy Stocks Example Preview 02:52
Buying on Margin 03:31
Selling on Margin 02:23
Example of Short Selling on Margin 04:14
Example of Buying on Margin 04:13
What is Short Squeeze? 01:23
Margin Call Price Formulas 02:32

Market & Limit Orders 00:54
Limit vs Market Orders 01:40
Stop-Loss Order 01:14
Set and Forget Order 01:51

What are Bid, Ask and Spread? 01:17
Liquidity 02:00

Where Trading Takes Place 01:51
Order Execution – Direct Market Access 03:58

Market Participants 01:06
Characteristics of Institutional Investors 03:48
Big Money Trading Examples 04:49
Trading for Retail Investors 00:26
Types of Retail Traders 02:31

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